Phase 3 – Year 9 to Year 13

Head of Phase 3: Cerys Charles
Head of Phase 3: Cerys Charles
Assistant Head of Phase Year 11: Nia Thomas
Assistant Head of Phase Years 9 and 10: Sioned Jones

As pupils start on their education in Phase 3 the main focus will be to ensure that they choose appropriate courses for the future. Year 9 pupils will choose their GCSE subjects and start on these courses after half-term in the summer term. During Year 10 and 11 pupils’ progress will be tracked carefully in order to give them every opportunity to reach their academic potential. Year 11 pupils will need to choose Key Stage 5 courses or make decisions about their future in the workplace. The school offers practical support and advice to pupils as they complete UCAS applications and select courses for higher education by inviting guest speakers and organizing opportunities to visit several universities. In addition to focusing on academic work, all pupils are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in order to develop socially and to become well-rounded citizens.